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Classic Car Museum Malaga Spain

Should you find yourself on holiday in southern Spain then a great way to spend a couple of hours is at the Classic Car Museum in Malaga. This is one of the largest and most valuable private car collections in Europe and is well worth a wander round. Strangely some of our favorite cars were the custom cars which seemed to have ... Read More »

Evans Classic Cool Part 2 – Jaguar Mk2 Piston Rings & Valves

So it's time for part two, if you are eagerly awaiting pics of a completed car then I am afraid we are not there yet. She is still in the workshop in the careful hands of Mike our trusted mechanic. As I have mentioned our Mark 2 Jaguar has had a lot of work done and she runs fantastically with one exception. If you hold the revs at about 2000 and then floor the throttle you can, sometimes leave a cloud of smoke behind you. Given how the car looks as though she was made yesterday and all those admiring looks as we go down the road leaving in a cloud of smoke never sat well with me. Read More »