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Oil Pressure Problems In Classic Car Engines

Jaguar Mk2 Oil Pressure

It’s been a while since we touched on this subject but we have at last fixed our low oil pressure readings in our MK 2 Jaguar. There is only one option when it comes to your oil pressure sender, take it out of the car very carefully and carry it with love and appreciation over to the work bench. Then pick up a very large hammer and smash the living daylights out of it! Read More »

1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI BT7

1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI BT7 This Healey, affectionately known as “The Bloody Beast,” was the first car I ever owned. I purchased it in 1971 while in college. After driving it for a few years it wound up in storage until 2002 when I decided to complete a total restoration with numerous modifications for safety and comfort. The engine machine ... Read More »

1967 firebird

  Ronnie Hendriks 1967 firebird, 455, 4:11 posi, 1050 dominator, trans brake, 3600 stall, 627 h.p. 622 tq, have the “run” slip 10.9 124 1/4. Definitely not a trailer queen, by far my most favorite ride!   Read More »

Jaguar Mk2 1961 In Black

Readers Cars – Jaguar Mk2 We bought the car a couple of years ago from a dealer in Belgium and drove her to London to have some further work carried out. This ended up being 7 months of further modifications and upgrades and a much larger bill than we either expected or told the wife about! When she was ready ... Read More »