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Land Rover Discovery 300TDI Electric Window ECU Fix

land rover discovery 300tdi window ecu fix

The Land Rover 300TDI has had issues with the electric windows for a while now. As many of you will know an electric window is made up of a motor and a switch to control electricity to the motor. Switch it one way and it will go up, the other way and down she goes. That’s the theory anyway. Land Rover, and this is in the 90’s decided they would add into this mix an ECU or electronic control unit. Read More »

Classic Car And Off Road Tyre Saga Old Or New? Retread Or Not?

We have written about our experience with tyres that look perfectly ok, lots of tread and no colour degrading. These were on our Jaguar Mk2 and all was fine until it rained. We could have been driving on black ice for all the grip the car had. Leaving every junction required us to be in at least 3rd gear or they would simply spin up. Read More »