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Classic Car Museum Malaga Spain

Should you find yourself on holiday in southern Spain then a great way to spend a couple of hours is at the Classic Car Museum in Malaga.

This is one of the largest and most valuable private car collections in Europe and is well worth a wander round.

Strangely some of our favorite cars were the custom cars which seemed to have that 70’s style that just cannot be replicated. Check out some pics we took below and be sure to go and see for yourself if you are in Spain.

Was it over a little too quickly? Well yes maybe but after realising we had been round a quick turn and more detailed look at the cars was worth it.

Only gripe would be many of the cars are against walls so you cannot go past the rope to stand next to them. Then again if it was my personal collection I wouldn’t let anyone in at all!

Just in case you have a partner that is not impressed they also have a hat museum!

Have a great visit.

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