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Evans Classic Cool Part 2 – Jaguar Mk2 Piston Rings & Valves

So it’s time for part two, if you are eagerly awaiting pics of a completed car then I am afraid we are not there yet. She is still in the workshop in the careful hands of Mike our trusted mechanic.

If you have not yet read the first instalment of this tale then please Click Here to understand why we are where we are.

As I have mentioned our Mark 2 Jaguar has had a lot of work done and she runs fantastically with one exception. If you hold the revs at about 2000 and then floor the throttle you can, sometimes leave a cloud of smoke behind you. Given how the car looks as though she was made yesterday and all those admiring looks as we go down the road leaving in a cloud of smoke never sat well with me.

I have had this conversation with Mike before and it always ended with “old Jags smoke” but I was never satisfied and wanted this sorting so what better time than when the head is off to have a good look.

So off comes the head after much swearing as it seems to have been stuck on with about a kilo of sealant (which did seem to be blocking some of the water channels). On the bench, turn it over and… Yes its all black and oily on the inside. I am no expert and leave that to Mike but oil in the head means oil out the exhaust to me, mike agreed so further investigation is required.

Looking in the engine block at the piston linings shows a very, and I mean very slight rubbing (not enough to call it scoring) of the barrel wall. It seemed the car was fitted with solid piston rings and Mike suggested changing to ones with a flexible element so it was added to the list.

There was one last little thing, in order to get the pistons out of the bottom of the engine Mike removed the front suspension in a single piece and had it sat on a pair of stands. The suspension on the car has been heavily modified and the lower bushes were showing signs of coming apart so thats another little job to do then!

The list of work has become so long it is hard to remember I only went in for a coolant change but as we have mentioned before I have found many ways to convince myself that having to do all this work is a good thing. Not sure my wife believes me but she simply smiles in a “whats the point of arguing” type of way.

So…. We are almost ready for the Evans Classic Cool to go in except for one last job. The horn.

This is a real gremlin as it will be fine and will show no obvious fault at all until I reach a really busy junction or very busy supermarket car park. Being a classic car everyone looks as I drive in and then…. Blast the horns will go off all on their own and will not stop until I leap out and dive under the front of the car to disconnect the power lines to them!! This is more than embarrassing let me tell you. Is she haunted? We shall see.

So we wait. Another 4 days and she should be ready for collection and testing of the waterless coolant. If you have had any similar experiences please post your comments at the bottom and lets make up our excuses together as to why all this expense is a good thing.

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