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Evans Classic Cool – Waterless Coolant The Verdict

Let us get right to the pont, yes it does work. For those that have read the previous parts to this tale (Click Here To Read) you will know that it has been a long road getting to this verdict. It does add a small caveat in that we also had some work done to the engine but nothing that would dramatically effect running temps.

Evans Classic Cool

Evans waterless coolantThe end result is an engine running 10/15 degrees cooler when hot and on a hot day. As we said the engine had some work and a couple of the smaller water holes when the head was removed did have a small amount of silicone in them from a previous owners/mechanic’s exuberant attempt at sealing everything, just glad they stopped at the engine and did not seal the doors! They seemed to have used it on everything else.

The claims from Evans Classic Cool are that your engine will not overheat and not necessarily that it will run cooler but our test is a definite 10/15 degrees cooler.

Our regular readers will know that we have just started a “Can you run a Classic Car as a daily driver” 12 month challenge and using waterless coolant was the final step in our attempt to cope with 40 degree summer days her in southern Spain.

Admittedly it is not cheap stuff and will run you maybe $300 but that is still only 1 trip to the garage to even investigate a problem so we felt it was more like an insurance cost and as it is a lifetime fill and forget product it is expensive but justifiable.

If you are still not convinced and please note we are in no way affiliated with Evans Classic Cool and paid for our coolant in full, you can sit back and read our 12 month daily challenge diary (Click Here) and rest assured if there are any cooling developments they will apear there first.

So in conclusion we have a cooler running car with a lifetime fill and forget product, this gives us a certain comfort when the day gets hotter which lets face it is one of the big worries of driving a classic car (will it? Wont it? Tap the temp gauge) and at last maybe we can relax a little bit when we see traffic ahead!

Let us know in the comments below if you have used it or are thinking at using it.

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