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Jaguar Mk 2 Is Back And Filled With Evans Waterless Coolant

 Jaguar Mk2 Engine Rebuild & Evans Waterless Coolant Added

So the big day finally arrived and our 1961 Mk2 Jag was ready. If you have been following this story you will know all about how she went in for a coolant change and has ended up having a full engine rebuild! If you have not then Click Here and read the full story.

One of the reasons I decided to have the engine work done was to remove the need to add unleaded fuel additive every time I filled her up. With a larger 4.2 engine and triple carbs this happens quite often. There were also a couple of other reasons.

The car has always blown a plume of smoke out the back under hard acceleration and whilst our mechanic always said “old Jags smoke, dont worry about it” I always felt, well embarrassed as the car looks fantastic and smoke does not do it justice. So we decided to get in there and have a look.

As it turns out there was a lot of oil in the cylinder head which looked to be squeezing past the rings. The pistons were fitted with solid rings and our mechanic suggested a flexible kind would be a better fit. This was all duly done along with new valves and a head check.

The last reason I opted to have the engine fettled was the ticking from the lifters. It was just a noise that I didn’t like so we decided to fix this.

So we get the car back and she is running strong but…… Still ticking and I think worse than before!!

It has to go back for the head studs tightening in a couple of days and Mike ( Our Mechanic) said he would be adjusting/Looking at the lifters. Have a listen to the video below and see what you think. Answers not on a postcode but in the comments at the bottom of the page please.

Not understanding the insides of the engine like an expert I have been doing the usual searching on Google and there seems to be a consensus that they will settle down if they have not been damaged. I know that does not help at all.

We will have to wait for Mike to have a look and I shall report back.

One last issue was the car hesitating under hard acceleration, this was traced to a faulty fuel filter restricting the flow although a visual inspection shows nothing wrong. It was also discovered that the fuel pipe between the first and second carb had a huge kink in it.

The pipe was slightly too long and the pressure this caused added to the pipe being of the wrong plastic caused it to kink when hot! Check out the pictures below for a better idea of the problem.

Evans Waterless Coolant

The Evans Waterless Coolant is in and well… the car does not overheat but then again the temp has not been that hot. We took her out for a run at the weekend and it was quite a warm day and I would say she was running cooler.

This might have something to do with the fact that when Mike removed the head he found it had been put on using sealant. This sealant had blocked up some of the water holes, not completely but enough to have been restricting the flow.

That is all fixed so the status at the moment? All is well with the exception of the ticking. Does your classic tick? Am I worrying about nothing? Leave a comment below if you have any experience of this so we can get to the bottom of this.

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