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Jaguar Mk2 1961 In Black

Readers Cars – Jaguar Mk2

We bought the car a couple of years ago from a dealer in Belgium and drove her to London to have some further work carried out. This ended up being 7 months of further modifications and upgrades and a much larger bill than we either expected or told the wife about!

When she was ready for collection we picked her up in London with a 5 day drive through Europe planned stopping at Le Mans, Biarritz, Madrid and down to the south coast of Spain.

On the day of collection I developed really and I mean really bad man flu and spent the entire trip just struggling to get to the next stop!

This was I am pleased to say where the pain ended and the car is fantastic, we now use her as a sole daily driver.

We found a superstar mechanic in Estepona called Mike who specialises in classic cars and he has been great.

We plan to use her for the rest of time and know that after being used as a daily driver some of that show car gleam will be lost but cars like this deserve to be driven not wrapped in cotton wool.

1961 Jaguar Mark 2

4.2 High torque engine

Triple SU carbs

Independent rear suspension

Fully adjustable shocks all round

Uprated electrical system

Uprated cooling system

Evans waterless coolant

Modern air con

JD Sport custom headers and exhaust system

Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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