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Land Rover Discovery 300TDI Electric Window ECU Fix
Save yourself the hassle and throw it out and start again!

Land Rover Discovery 300TDI Electric Window ECU Fix

Whether this falls under Classic Cars or not Im unsure but going to share with you anyway.

My Land Rover 300TDI has had issues with the electric windows for a while now. As many of you will know an electric window is made up of a motor and a switch to control electricity to the motor. Switch it one way and it will go up, the other way and down she goes.

That’s the theory anyway. Land Rover, and this is in the 90’s decided they would add into this mix an ECU or electronic control unit.

So Land Rover who are let’s face it not known in the 90’s for being very advanced decided to be clever.

land rover discovery 300tdi window ecu fix

Save yourself the hassle and throw it out and start again!

So the saga of the ECU began for all early Discovery owners. The way they were made has an inherent fault meaning a solder joint on the circuit board dries out and has to be re soldered.

Land Rover forums are full of people with failed windows and instructions on how to remove this circuit board and re solder.

So our Land Rover you will know if you have read earlier post’s had a small electrical fire one day. After removing the dash and replacing all affected wires all was good until the windows failed.

Failed with a horrible electrical burning smell I might add. When the ECU was removed it was burnt out.

They do not make them anymore so second hand ones are the only option. Found one and tested it in another car and all good. Transferred it to ours and after a short while it burned out again.

So again no working windows. We tried the route of changing to manual winders. Found some manual regulators and then found they simply did not fit.

So still no working windows.

Then we had a brain wave. Just because Land Rover thought it should be a complicated system doesn’t mean it has to be. So out with the electric window loom switches and connections.

Replacement Electric Window Switch Kit Land Rover

New Switch Kit Could Not Have Been Easier To Fit. No More Land Rover Failing System.

I managed to find an electric widow switching kit (comment below if you want to know where from) that is used to add electric windows to custom cars.

This consisted of a new switch, live wire, an earth, and 2 output wires to the motor in the door. Yes thats it. It took 30 mins to instal and now the windows work perfectly with about one fiftieth of the wiring.

The new switches even fitted in the original holes in the console!

So if you have failed electric windows on your Land Rover or you simply want to add them to your classic it does not need to be as complicated as Land Rover would have you think!

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