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Mg TF Is It A Real Classic Car?

Mg TF Is It A Real Classic Car?

As most of our readers will know we have had all kinds of classic cars here at weareclassiccars but recently we have been debating the merits of a newer classic.

Following the sale of our MGB GT a couple of weeks ago we decided to find out for ourselves.

We have bought a very low mileage 2003 MG TF Cool Blue edition.

MG TF Cool BlueShe has had a bit of work done which amongst other things includes larger throttle bodies and a switch to the slightly softer LE suspension.

We traveled a long way to get her, Somerset to be accurate and drove her all the way back up to Scotland.

She didn’t miss a beat on the drive home and the first noticeable difference to the older classics we are used to wasn’t refinement as I expected but the speed.

We are not new to fast cars having owned Porsche turbos and supercharged Jags but this somehow feels different. The combination of a peppy engine and almost no weight make the thing fly!

Is she more refined? Of course but the ride, even with the softer suspension, the low profile tyres make for a less than compliant ride. Not enough for it to be an issue yet but it’s something to keep an eye on as we get to know each other.

MG TF Cool Blue Modern Classic?Driving home another thing that stood out was how we could hear the stereo even with the roof down.

Is she fun? Oh very much so and I think we will get along just fine. Will the experience be the same as a true classic car? That we will find out.

I tend to use mine almost on a daily basis if the mood takes me so I think in this regard she will win. Turn the key and fuel injection kicks her into life instantly. No chokeMG TF Blue lever in sight.

So far the only real downside is the sound. With the standard exhaust on her she just doesn’t sound as good going round the country lanes as the older cars do.

Some research into an exhaust system with a little more poke might be in order.

MG TF 2003So we are off on our journey together, will she have the same effect on me as an older mk2 jag or MGB? Will I find myself in the garage at night for no other reason than to look at her?

Check back soon or follow us on Facebook and find out.

Be sure to leave your comments below as to wether you think classic or no classic…. there must be a game show in there somewhere!

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