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Oil Pressure Problems In Classic Car Engines

Oil Pressure Problems In Classic Car Engines

Oil Pressure Fix Jaguar Mark 2

It’s been a while since we touched on this subject but we have at last fixed our low oil pressure readings in our MK 2 Jaguar.

There is only one option when it comes to your oil pressure sender, take it out of the car very carefully and carry it with love and appreciation over to the work bench. Then pick up a very large hammer and smash the living daylights out of it!

Now for step 2 order a mechanical oil gauge for your dashboard, not that expensive. Order some oil line to feed oil to it (we used nice fancy braided lines but any will do) and install the lines into the hole previously occupied by the electric sender unit.

We have formed this opinion after ordering 3 replacement senders from the best suppliers and arriving at the conclusion that it makes no difference where you buy them from they are all made in the same crappy factory in the far east!

We did try, we bought and fitted and then tested… All would be well for a very short period of time. A day or two later and the exact same problem would be back. Low oil pressure at tick over after a drive.

The electric senders are only cheap but the labour at the garage and the hassle of taking the car and leaving it for the day is just too much.

This seems to be one of those absolute situations, no room for debate. If your car is showing oil pressure that you do not believe to be correct and does not match a mechanical check at the garage then do not bother ordering a replacement electrical sender. Save yourself the headaches and fit a mechanical one.

Our oil pressure is now perfect even after a long hot run down here in southern spain. Thankfully!!!

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