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We Restore A Classic MGB Will It Work Out?

We Restore A Classic MGB Will It Work Out?

Happy New Year to everyone. It is 2014 and the year ahead holds some big changes for us here at We Are Classic Cars. We have been based in southern Spain for 14 years but this year will see us return to the UK. Home would be Manchester but being adventurous we are not moving there, we are moving to Perthshire in Scotland.

We must be mad. I know you must be thinking that. Moving from the sunny Spanish weather to Scottish rain but trust me when you can get heat stroke just going to the shops 7 months of the year a cooler climate is most welcome.

Any way the next big thing 2014 holds for us is the start of our restoration plans. The first candidate is looking like being an MGB. The plan is to restore the car and include all our followers along the way. Now understand that although we are pure petrol heads we are not qualified mechanics but this is the same situation that most of our followers are in so maybe being able to learn from our mistakes can help you in some way.

So the search begins for a project car. Having a quick look there are plenty out there and it seems a later rubber bumper model will be a nice start. Yes not as loved as the older chrome bumper ones but should be a little easier on the resto side as not quite so old.

Came across this 1977 MGB with a claimed 20,500 miles on the clock. As the advert says it needs some TLC but does look good for a first project. The cars will be staying in our collection so resale value is only of slight concern and having a car in the collection that we can use is more important.

Check it out… What do you think? Good project car?

At 1595 GBP it is well priced but further viewing will obviously be needed. The prospect of starting restorations both excites and terrifies us but as the saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained. We have our cameras ready and hope you enjoy joining us on this challenge. Hopefully not carry on restoration!

Check out our info on MGB Servicing & Repair.

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