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Welcome to We Are Classic Cars

If you have found us then we can assume like us you are a lover of all things with four wheels. We love our Classic Cars but that’s not to say we only love Classic Cars. We love old cars and we love new cars, we drive Classic Cars and we also drive off road 4×4′s so it would be fair to say we are petrol heads through and through.

We Are Classic was launched to bring together enthusiast’s and their cars with help along the way. If you need a special part or fancy upgrading something on your pride and joy then join the conversation and share. The more we all share the better we are.


As enthusiast’s we love to play the fantasy garage game, you know the one. We have so much to spend what would we buy? To this end we have started searching the web to find the most interesting and special cars for sale. Understand however that this is not a business but just a group of like minded people sharing their passion for Classic Cars.

We drive a 1961 Mark 2 Jaguar and love every second we are in her but when we leave her in the garage we take our Land Rover Discovery which is lifted 4 inches and fully kitted out and goes just about anywhere. These are two completely different vehicles that give their pleasure in completely different ways but that is what being a petrol head is all about. It is about appreciating a car for what it is and having as much fun as possible.

Have a look around, leave some comments and maybe even join us on Facebook (16,000 others have) and lets get together and share our passion.

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