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MGB Reviews Buying Guide Parts And Service Advice

MGB Reviews Buying Guide Parts And Service Advice

The MGB has to be right up there competing with the mini and E-Type jag to be the icon of the swinging sixties. Like the mini the MG was and still is a truly classless car being driven by the neighbour down the street to Prince Charles.

MGB History

Launched in May 1962 just as the Beatles signed their first EMI contract and the Isley brothers released twist and shout it caused a bang almost as big as the Americans who during the same month set off no less than 7 Nuclear test explosions in the Christmas Islands (Not much of a Christmas present if you ask me).MGB Advert

Back to the car. Launched in May 1962 production continued right up until 1980. Is the MGB a good choice if you are looking for a classic car? Being one of the most popular classic cars in the UK has meant a widespread and dedicated parts, upgrades and servicing experts are plentiful.

Every single item on an MGB is available and many of them are cheaper than equivalent modern day parts for the boring modern runabout. You can even buy a brand new complete body should you desire.

MGB Development

There were many changes during the life of the MGB many of them driven by the U.S market and its emissions and safety initiatives such as the rubber bumpers. A shining example of mid 70’s UK manufacturing apathy is the tale of the headlights. Due to changes in American regulations the headlights we too low for that market. A redesign? I think not, they simply raised the whole cars suspension by 1 inch therefore raising the headlights! Yes this worked wonders for the handling of the car.

Putting some of those misadventures aside we are still left with an enduring classic car but which one should you go for? Well it comes down to taste as ever but also your budget as the earlier models with chrome wheels and bumpers are more sought after.

Later rubber bumper cars might not please the purist but you will still have a fantastic classic car and also the benefit of all the upgrades over the years such as a full synchromesh gearbox.

These upgrades should not be sniffed at when choosing your car as purity and appearance don’t count for anything if you hate driving the thing because it will never go into gear. These cars are made to be driven and as with almost any classic car the phrase “use it or lose it” applies.

Cars do not like to spend months tucked away in a garage, you might think it is keeping your pride and joy shiny but she will be pining for the open road and will repay you with a new list of gremlins when you do next take her out.

Regular use (every weekend is fine) is the first step to maintaining a classic car as you must get to know her. Know her sounds and smells, know what quirky noises she makes and should those ever change look into it. You can prevent her from “Failing to proceed” as Roll Royce famously put it by staying on top of things. If a fan belt looks a little tired or a radiator hose looks old and perished change them or get you local garage to do it. It will not cost a lot and the pipes you change might have been there for 30 years so no need to do it again for a while once done.

Owning a classic MGB or in fact any classic car is a fantastic privilege and one you should enjoy if given half the chance but it is also a mindset. Get yourself comfortable with the notion that she might break down once in a while, be ok with this and your motoring please will flow.

Full MGB Stats & Figures

Make- MGB

Years of Manufacture- 1962-1980

Engine Options/Sizes- All MGB’s barring the V8 use the BMC B-series engine.

Body Options-

2 Door MGB Roadster

2 Door MGB Hatch Back Coupe

2 Door MGB G8 V8 Coupe

How many made-  513,276 cars produced between 1962-1980

Original Performance figures- 

Model                          MGB MKI          MGB MKII/III       MGB GT MKI        MGB GT MKII/II

Top Speed                   105 mph            107 mph               105 mph               104 mph

0-60 mph                      12 secs              11 secs                13.5 secs              14 secs

Fuel Consumption         22-28 mpg        22-28 mpg            22-28 mpg            22-28 mpg

Price Guide Now And Price Guide Now-

Original Price               Average Auction Price


1962 MG MGB              $2,658                         $62,376

1963 MG MGB                                                  $18,642

1964 MG MGB              $2,660                         $13, 547

1965 MG MGB MKI       $2,600                         $14,342

1966 MG MGB MKI       $2,605-$3,095            $16,491

1967 MG MGB MKII      $2,615-$3,095            $14,576

1968 MG MGB MKII      $2,615-$3,095            $10,308

1969 MG MGB MKII      $2,670-$3,160            $12,695

1970 MG MGB MKII      $2,885-$3,200            $14,271

1971 MG MGB MKII      $2,885-$3,300            $8,265

1972 MG MGB GT         $3,620                        $5,089

1972 MG MGB               $3,325-$3,610            $9,019

1973 MG MGB               $3,325-$3,610            $9,386

1974 MG MGB MKIII     $3,925-$4,325             $8,452

1975 MG MGB              $4,355                         $5,918

1976 MG MGB              $4,351                         $6,213

1977 MG MGB              $4,355                         $5,841

1978 MG MGB              $5,650                         $7,036

1979 MG MGB MKIV    $5,650                         $7,744

1980 MG MGB MKIV    $5,650                         $9,217

Main MG Car Clubs- founded in 1973   founded in 1930

Regional Car Clubs-

West Midlands –

MGB Specialist Repairs & Parts Suppliers

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  1. I liked the post about the mini cooper as well I can only assume that is your too. Thank you for taking the time to post about these cars not many people like them so they don’t think about that but I love them and happen to have one of these so I was thrilled to see someone else write about them as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. My MGB was a nine year old Ontario car that had been driven in the winter, as the damage to the lower body showed. It wasn’t abused but certainly was well used, with large dents in the rear valence from some large car ‘parking by sound’ and similar damage to the hood and front fenders. The aluminum hood had a quarter-size hole just above the fan, and it looked like someone had danced a jig on it at one time.

  3. It is quite impressive that an automobile has been in production from 1962 to 1980. But I think since it has not been in production for over 25 years, that would make this a classic model car. Who doesn’t like classic cars, especially European or British cars. They are the epitome of cool from the swinging 60’s. I just might consider shopping for one. I have not owned a car in many years and a used classic seems nice.

  4. I do not really like the way the original model MGB looks. They look kind of like the Pinto. My parents used to own one of them and even though those cars were modern back then, I never liked it. I was always somewhat embarrassed to be seen in it. I prefer the modern day mini coopers. Those models are quite affordable, too. Maybe that is why more younger persons are buying them and spawning their popularity.

  5. I wondered why is the MGB such a favorite with classic car hobbyists. Well, the answer is simple: It is good-looking, fun to drive and easy to maintain. These are the same reasons the MGB, with a few changes, was successful in the new-car market for nearly two decades. Today, good examples are easy to find, inexpensive to buy, and are backed by a fantastic network of MGB enthusiasts to provide support and share the fun of ownership.

  6. Yes, I would say that the mini cooper has become all the rage in the United States. I am sure everyone remembers the super bowl ads by Fiat which features Charlie Sheen and how he drives his stylish mini into his mansion and parks it right in his spacious living room. But I think its popularity began when it was featured in that car chase scene in the Bourne Identity. They say that chase scene is the best one since the French Connection.

  7. Antique cars are such the thing these days, every body wants one or has one and I have to admit they are really cool. This is a great way to learn about classic cars and which one would be the best buy if you are in the market because you can see what Is wrong with some of them etc. and what you need to do to work on them and things.

  8. This is a great post there aren’t many of these cars left so offering advice on where and how to get the best deals on parts for this vehicle is a great idea and tips on repairs is another good idea. You have done a great job putting this all together and I know that you will have more to come right? Thanks a bunch for all your hard work.

  9. I recall seeing one of these cars sitting in my friend’s front yard collecting rust. It wasn’t exactly in mint or showroom condition (that is an understatement), but I do regret not buying it for a couple hundred bucks. It had a British flag painted on the hood. It looked so circa 1960’s. It was interesting learning about the history of this cool classic car. It was like being transported into a unique time period.

  10. Why is it that all the classic car posts that I have run across lately are cars that are from outside the US. What about the cars made here in the US that are classics where is the articles on them and how well they hold up over the years and what to use in them when the coolant fails etc. I love all these but really would like American made as well.

  11. I was reading this post and realized that you are the same people that wrote the post about the mini cooper correct? I love them both you have good advice in them and I learned a lot about the classics that I hadn’t realized before. You do good work and I hope that you will continue to post more in the future.

  12. Very interesting car I am not a huge fan of the classics I prefer the more modern styles but this is a very attractive car. Will you be doing in posts on the newer cars or will you be sticking to the classics primarily? I think you would do a great job if you did so keep it in mind will you. Thank you so much and great job.

  13. The MG was one of my favorite classics but the MGB is something all together different looking and I am not sure what to think about that one. You have a most interesting article here and the more I learn about this the more I think that owning a classic car is the way to go these days. They were built better and they were obviously built to last.

  14. I had never seen one of these cars before but I think that the actor on the show “The Mentalist drives a blue one of these. At first I thought it was an ugly car but after seeing these pictures I am rethinking that. Thank you for posting this information like I said I am sure that I am not the only one that hasn’t seen one of these before.

  15. I read some where that classic car parts are sometimes easier to get than buying new car parts, I don’t know if that is true or not, maybe you know? I was thinking of buying a mini cooper what about their parts, easy or hard to get? Your post was very informative thank you for the work you put in to it, I look forward to your next post.

  16. Now the MG is a classic for sure I used to want one of these but that was when I was small as well so I wanted a small car. It is surprising how many of these there are for sale when you really research it and want to find out. Obviously they aren’t in the local paper, is there a special paper or site that you get your information off of?

  17. I saw a few Jaguar hood ornaments and emblems lying around at a flea market and decided that it might actual look pretty nice on my MGB. I used some epoxy on the emblem but drilled the hood ornament on. So far I can tell that a lot more people stare at my roadster when I’m driving around. This has definitely increased the value of MGB because a cashier at Auto Zone really thought it was a Jaguar and said he would pay at least $10,000 for it.

  18. I like the old cars because they are timeless classics. New cars do not compare in comfort to a 50’s car. My wife drives a 1955 Chevy Station Wagon. The seats are like a couch! I am installing a built 406 small block Chevy engine soon along with an overdrive transmission for practicality. It already has disk brakes so it stops well. A new tilt steering column with power steering and sway bars so it handles nice.

  19. I think an older classic sports car would suit me just fine because I think I am the ideal kind of owner for one. I don’t have the need to commute daily to work. I just want to show one off on weekends or the occasional night out. With this kind of usage, an older car should last a while without any serious problems. I just I can find a good deal and not a huge repair project.

  20. I would not mind driving an MGB classic. In fact, now that I know what it looks like, I recall when I was younger and dumber that my friend’s mother’s boyfriend drove one of these cars. Back then, without knowing any better and lacking an appreciation for classic cars, I would mock him for driving an older car. It wasn’t exactly in pristine condition either. But I would proudly sport one today.

  21. Speaking of cool classics like the MGB-GT, ever started a little project that just kept snowballing until you woke up one day and realized you’d replaced every single part? That’s kind of how this Jaguar V12-powered MGB-GT came about. My friend is the culprit. Well, it’s a good thing my friend had a good plasma welder, and wasn’t afraid to use it. Checking out the build thread, it seems he had to do a bit more custom work than perhaps he expected.

  22. Speaking of cool classics like the MGB-GT, ever started a little project that just kept snowballing until you woke up one day and realized you’d replaced every single part? That’s kind of how this Jaguar V12-powered MGB-GT came about. My friend is the culprit. Well, it’s a good thing my friend had a good plasma welder, and wasn’t afraid to use it. Checking out the build thread, it seems he had to do a bit more custom work than perhaps he expected.

  23. There is something so sexy, stylish and elegant about cars from the swinging 60’s. I think that driving one can be most beneficial for a bachelor. It can really make you stand out on the road and when you pull up to valet parking at a nice restaurant or night club. It can give you an aura of sophistication. You might even be seen as an international man – a globe trotter. I think I’ll look into prices.

  24. My cousin had a little green MG and I loved that car, she would come to town and we would toodle all over town in it simply because I liked to ride in it so much. I had no idea that they were popular enough to do a blog post on them like this but that is cool. Thank you for bringing back old memories of a great time in my life.

  25. This type of car is so sporty and a fun car but I am looking for something a little family like. I have little kids and this is not practical right now. Keep up the good work you have shown me that you can get some really good deals this way and you get the info out to thousands of people at once. Thank you for doing this you did an awesome job.

  26. These cars are so small what would be the advantage of having one? I mean that is like the Smart car of the past. You can’t get groceries in it even so what do you do if this is your only vehicle? I am not saying it wouldn’t be fun to have as a weekender but not a primary vehicle by any means. Thank you for posting this it did bring back memories.

  27. a cousin of mine had an MG and I loved that little car but when she sold it do you think she sold it to me, no! You have a great blog post here and I look forward to the next one you do. I can’t wait to see what car you do next I would bet it will be another one of my favorites. Keep up the good work this really looks great.

  28. I think the MG is one of the cutest cars out there. Until they came out with the Smart car wasn;t this one of the smallest things on the road? I don’t see how tall men got into these things. You post was put together very well and I hope that you will post more when you find some others for sale, I have always wanted one. Keep up the good work.

  29. When I was a kid and first started thinking about my first car I always wanted an MG I thought they were perfect for girls because they were so small and cute. I didn’t get that car though and now that I see this post it makes me want one all over again. Now it would be about my fifth car but I could also afford to buy it myself at this point.

  30. The birth of the royal heir to the British throne recently caused somewhat of a British classic car show as the chauffer’s pulled up to the front of the hospital and into the Frey of the media circus, where reporters scrutinized everything. Now, those weren’t mini classics that pulled up to pick up the royal family, but in this age of the 24 hour cycle of media, all it would take would be for say, Prince Harry to pull up in a mini and it would explode in popularity.

  31. I like these mini European cars and I guess it has become a recent trend in America. No wonder the Fiat company has had a resurgence and is not advertising nationally and even paying Charlie Sheen big dollars to endorse it. I think it all started with the mini coup, but the Jag mini I think trumps them all. I hope it is affordable.

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